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 The Rivalry Rules

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PostSubject: The Rivalry Rules   The Rivalry Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 9:56 am

The Rivalry Rules

A. Game Settings

1. All – American Difficulty

2. 7 Minute Quarters

3. No Time Savers

4. Custom Conference

5. Advance a minimum of twice a week.

B. Sim Rules

1. You must use your team’s style and

2. No Nano-blitzing, rocket catches, Fake FG,
Fake Punts

3. Do not run the same plays over and over.

4. No money plays

C. Offensive Game play

1. QB scrambling is a part of the game however
you may only run with your QB on designed plays or if you get flushed out of
the pocket.

2. Do not run the same play over and over.
This also includes just flipping the same play to make it go to a different
side. It is still the same play.

3. Do not use goal line formation unless it is
necessary, i.e 4th and short, inside the 10 yard line on either side
of the field.

4. Do not abuse crossing routes, we all know
that they are open all the time so do not use them on every pass play.

D. Defensive Game play

1. Player movement goes as follows: DL – Cannot
move manually. LB – Can only move one manually. Secondary – Can only be moved
left or right.

2. With that said you can utilize the pre-snap
defensive movements by using all of those movements in the menu.

3. Do not Nano-Blitz.

E. 4th down rules

1. You cannot go for it on 4th down
if you are on your side of the field

2. You can go for it on 4th and 1
or less once you cross the fifty.

3. You can go for it anytime in the fourth, if
you are losing.

F. House Rules

1. Please be respectful to the other owners,
if you are respectful then this league will be an immediate success.

2. Do not abuse the CPU. You should not beat
the CPU by a ridiculous amount. DO NOT PAD your stats.

3. Do not run up the score on other owners. If
you are better then you will win the game, no need to rub it in your opponents
face. If you are up by 28 in the 3rd quarter or 21 in the 4th
quarter you must run the ball and eat up as much clock as possible.


5. Don’t be a sore loser.

G. Consequences

1. If any of the above rules are broken you
will be subjected to consequences up to and including removal from the league.

H. As commissioner of this league I reserve
the right to change any of the above rules at any time without notice.

AIM: Brad21984
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The Rivalry Rules
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